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The Untold Story...

Down an old country road, just five miles from the county seat, there is a sleepy, little hollow local residents don’t even know exists, whether it's by some unnatural design or the fact that there is nothing of interest is not entirely known. Maybe it helps that any who ever stumbled upon it, for one reason or another, simply never told.


Those residing in this tiny Pandora’s Box, just a stone's throw from their neighbors, have always kept to themselves. The story as best this old timer can remember goes like this. After three teens had not returned home from a picture  show their parents became worried the next day  the youth's  car was discovered in a small patch of woods off Old Fredericktown road. A search party was organized and the volunteers began scouring the surrounding woods and fields. it was less than five hours when the teen's bodies were discovered, badly beaten, dismembered, and the bodies shoved into two burlap feed sacks. They had been buried in shallow graves along the St François river. I remember one guy saying "it was more than the eyes could take in. The bodies look like the remains from a butcher's table." 

Word of the grisly murders spread like a wild fire through the town, everyone was making their way down to the river’s edge. The crime scene became congested with onlookers. Anger and disbelief spread through crowd and the crowd became an angry mob looking for someone to blame. The general consensus was no one who knew these children could have done such a horrible thing! It had to be someone from out of town,  it would take someone less than human! They would have to be an abomination; a freak. It was unfortunate timing that a carnival was passing through town. It only took one faint accusation, one frantic person to point their finger and the town people were grabbing their clubs and shot guns. 

The angry mob fell on the carnies in a blind rage, burning tents and campers, beating the performers with sticks, ball bats and the butts of their shotguns. Only a hand full of the carnies managed to escape into the woods. They hid in a small shed for five days before coming up on a local farmer. As were many members of the town he was  appalled by the action of his neighbors. In the days that followed the mass murders became a dark shadow over the town. All evidence had been destroyed. All the attention was focused on the morning and burial of the three teens. Billy Myers was the oldest, only 16. The two girls with him were sisters, Virginia Wilkerson, 15 and Barbra Wilkerson ,14.


As far the remaining carnies it's assumed the farmer hid them on his property. No one ever really wanted to address the issue. It's only now, almost 60 years later, that members of this eccentric clan have opened their arms to the community.  Though we're not entirely sure why, we suspect it's to better acquaint themselves with their neighbors, and try to re-enter society.  Regardless of the reason ... they have invited you for a visit.